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I'm not much of a book reader and find it hard to find one that keeps me wanting to turn the page.... but this book kept me wanting to read the next chapter!  it is rare to find a book that both adults and kids (mine are 9 & 11) enjoy reading.
Dan N., Red Deer, AB

This was an awesome book, I love all the lessons learned, and all the adventures explored. I LOVE THIS BOOK!
Jolyn T, Age 11

Red Deer, AB

I haven't read a book in forty years and I couldn't put this one down.

Richard H, Age 78, Penhold, AB

Your book is awesome!

Logan, Gr 5

Penticton, BC

Thanks for the book, it was amazing.

Aidan W, Age 11

Springbrook, AB

It was one of the best books I've read.  It was amazing.

Shane D., Age 11

Red Deer, AB

WOW your book was great. You had a lot of good ideas and I liked how much variety in places you had. My favorite chapter was the one on the front cover of the book. I liked how they were fighting about the life jacket. I cant wait until you create another book it will be even better which is hard to think but it will probably be true your an amazing author. Another chapter I liked is the one when Thomas and Claire were at the auction and they both had to sell what they wanted to get the transporter. It was funny that the lady took a long time to count her money. I liked when Thomas kept changing the notes at the legestlaiture and how the two people were so confused in the end. Your book was one of the best books I ever read!!!!!!!          Sarah N., Age 11, Red Deer, AB

I have read all of your book and its really good! I enjoyed it very much.  The adventures were exciting! I had great imagination for it.  I hope you can write more books!

Charlleeze A., Age 11, Red Deer, AB

Amazing effort was put into this book. It's just awesome. It's filled with enjoyment I just loved it so much! Hope you write a lot more of these amazing books!!!!!!!

Samuel S, Age 11

Red Deer, AB

I love your book!!!!
Sal M., Age 11

Sylvan Lake, AB

I wanted to write and tell you how much I like your book 'Transported'.  My brother Joel and I have both read it and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you for writing it.

Rachel B.

Fairview, AB

Wow!  I have to say that this is a book whose excitement and adventure will grab your attention immediately and keep you turning the pages throughout.  However, it is more than just a thrilling tale of going places and doing things.  Values such as cooperation, resourcefulness, compassion, forgiveness, and thankfulness, among others, are developed throughout the story. 

Wayne Walker,

Home School Book Review

Salem, Illinois 

WHAT KIDS (and others) SAY about... TRANSPORTED

Wow, I loved the book.  It was very exciting and cool.  I loved it when Thomas and Claire learned lots of lessons when they travelled all over the world.  This books was awesome!!

Tammy N, Red Deer, AB

I have to say this has been one of the better books I have read.  The adventure really grabs the attention of the reader!  I also liked the wholesome values that were brought up throughout this book.  Transported is not just for a younger audience but a book for any age.  I read it to my Gran (who is 83 years old) - we loved it and had quite a few laughs too.  Our favorite chapters were the Auction and the Legislature.

Julie M., Age 20

Sylvan Lake, AB

I really love your book - please make another one!

Maneet, Gr. 6, Penticton, BC

I like how you make pictures with your words that I can see in my head.

Anand, Gr. 6, Penticton, BC

Your book is amazing and truly magical.

Carter, Grade 6, Penticton, BC

I definitely recommend this book!  Please make book number 2!

Rylee H., Age 13

Red Deer, AB

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