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Author Visits and Teacher Feedback


This page has feedback from teachers who have used TRANSPORTED with their students, and from teachers where I've had the pleasure of visiting their Grade 5 and 6 classes.


During an Author Visit I talk about the writing process, have the students do some fun writing exercises and, if there is time, read some of TRANSPORTED.  If you'd like me to visit your school, or know of a teacher or librarian who would like an Author Visit, let me know through the "Contact Paul" button on the menu to the left.  


Some of the schools I've visited:




My fifth and sixth grade students got excited whenever I told them we were going to read another chapter of Transported— they found the writing engaging, exciting, and humorous.  They learned about and discussed everyday issues within a wide variety of imaginative and interesting settings, and made meaningful reflections about their own lives.

Laura Nicholson, Teacher
Calgary, AB

     I read Paul's book to my students and they enjoyed it thoroughly! At the end of each chapter we would use the provided questions to delve deeper into various themes. It was fun for the students to predict where Thomas and Claire would be transported next.
     I appreciated the way some of the chapter themes supported the Grade 6 curriculum - e.g. when Thomas and Claire work as Pages in the Legislature. The Social curriculum for Grade 6 is about understanding democracy and how the local and provincial governments function.  Transported is a great hook towards their learning this material.
     This novel provides a fun and educational experience for students as they follow the humour and travels of two very ordinary kids going through an extraordinary adventure!

     When Paul came to our school we were thrilled to hear where his ideas originated and what inspired his exciting stories. He was able to explain the steps involved in writing a book and how much time and effort goes into revising and editing before reaching the final product. He  interacted with my students and showed them how to take a simple sentence, then build it up using descriptive language. It was encouraging to meet an author from our local community!
C. Glasgow, Grade 5-6 Teacher, KCS, Red Deer, AB

As a parent, grandparent, former teacher, and current home school facilitator, I am delighted to recommend Transported. The experiences of Thomas and Claire add excitement and anticipation to the educational value of the story. To top it off, its wholesome values make this a must-read high on the list of family read-aloud books. Children of many ages will love it, and want more!

Kathy Snider,

Red Deer, AB

Paul is very personable, interactive and passionate about teaching writing.  I used his visit as a springboard for talking about the writing process, revising, editing and how you can write in your spare time.

Librarian, Eastview Middle School

Red Deer, AB

     It was wonderful for the students to see how an author goes through the process of writing and editing a book, to understand that even a published writer has to make many revisions and that a piece of writing is not done the first time.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the "Show not Tell" activity which correlated with what we were learning about in Language Arts class at the time.

     I had my students create and illustrate a book jacket that summarized the book and included a back page that entices the reader to read the book. 

Grade 6 Teacher, St. Francis of Assisi Middle School,

Red Deer, AB

Transported offers a rich, descriptive vocabulary.  Students love this book, relate to the real life experiences, and feel personally connected.  As the story unfolds, readers witness the development of social responsibility and the importance of making good life choices.

Jane Snowsell, Teacher / Librarian

Wiltse Elementary, Penticton, BC


The writing activity Paul did with my students was one of the strengths of his visit.  It was great to have him present to one class at a time.

D. Durham, Grade 6 Teacher, Eastview Middle School, Red Deer, AB

There was a lot of enthusiasm about writing after Paul's visit.

Gr. 6 Teacher, Eastview Middle School, Red Deer, AB


TRANSPORTED is an exciting and action packed novel that works perfectly as a Language Arts read aloud.  TRANSPORTED sparked the imagination of my students while enabling them to learn about various places around the globe and how others live.  This novel taught important life lessons including family values, selflessness, and being thankful for what you have.  Paul visited my classroom and shared an engaging writer's workshop.  The students were thrilled to write in the company of a published author.  I highly recommend that educators take the opportunity to read TRANSPORTED and have Paul visit their school!

Micaela Wasylik, Grade 6 Teacher

Francis of Assisi Middle School

Red Deer, AB