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TRANSPORTED  is an adventure story about Thomas Brampton (11) and his sister Claire (13).  Thomas invents a contraption which unexpectedly takes them on a variety of adventures.  They find themselves all over the world and have to figure out where they are and what they are supposed to do.   




Recommended reading level approximately Grade 5 and up.  Multi-age for read-aloud.   Here's what's on the backcover:


Eleven-year-old Thomas James Brampton had no idea he would travel the world.  Nor did he know he would be shot at, caught in an avalanche, confuse some politicians, nearly get beaten up, or come too close to a water buffalo - a dead water buffalo.  He didn't know about any of the things that were going to happen to him one warm summer day in July.


Neither did his sister Claire.



Thomas and Claire learn a lot about themselves and the world they live in.


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The learning curve is steep for the squabbling sibblings and the reader can see that by the time they return home, they will not be the same.